Hi all,

I'm a student..

I wrote an applet for PC that reads GPS data from serial port (using
I would like to have the same applet on my pda, an IPAQ h1940 with bluetooth
gps receiver ....

I'm using javacomm and driver for pda found on www.teilo.net , I followed
the steps of the site, but it doesn't work... :-(

any questions:

- where have I to put javax.comm.properties, CESerial.jar and comm.jar ???
in which directory?
- how can I add the directory containing the javax.comm.properties, and the
paths to both jar files to my classpath? modifying the registry? which key?
(I searched in the registry but I didn't find none of java, path, classpath

- if I want to read bluettoth data, I have to read a virtual serial port
(COM8?), right?

thanks all!