Hi all,

I have a questions regarding how to make the IP address within Windows
CE configurable.

Some background:
I have built an OS image for Windows CE 5.0 (using Platform builder)
and a gateway style app (using CF). Up to now, I have let it simply
pick up an IP address using DHCP. This poses two difficulities:

1) We cannot rely on all the networks we deploy to having DHCP (or can
2) The device is headless, so the IP given by DHCP will a bit hard to
find out.

We could use a host name, but does this rely on their being a DNS on
the network? Is this a big assumption?

Anyway, getting to my real question... Can I assign a certain IP
address to the windows ce device, that is "picked up" at runtime? I
can compile an IP address into the registry, but I need to be able
change this either while booting or after booting. I was thinking
either through registry manipulation or calls to the win api. This is
so our clients can set the IP address to whatever they want, and not
be stuck with the one we ship.

Thoughts? Is this impossible and I should really just always use DHCP?