I have a networked CE 4.2 device with a DOC drive as the primary IDE
device. I have configured the OS to network share the "Storage Card"
folder. When I upgrade the OS, I follow this process:
1) Access the shared "Storage Card" via the network (usually from a W2K
2) Copy the new NK.bin file from the W2K machine to the "Storage Card"
3) Verify the CRC32 of the NK.bin image on the CE device to make sure
it transferred correctly.

Here is my problem: Three times yesterday the CRC did NOT check
correctly on the CE device after copying it from the network. Upon
comparing the copied NK.bin file to the original it is apparent that
between 1 and as many as 48 bytes in single cluster do not match up.

Can anyone give me some starting points on how to determine where the
file corruption is taking place? I suspect the following areas as the
most likely suspects:
1) CE handling of the SMB server for remote file sharing.
2) CE handling of TCP/IP.
3) CE DOC IDE driver problems (Doesn't the OS do some sort of checking
here to make sure everything gets written correctly? Seems there would
be a dive error if so).
4) CE file system read/write problems.

Ben S. Terry