I can successfully configure platform manager to talk between eMbedded
Visual C++ 4.2 on my XP laptop and a CE 5.0 device using TCP/IP over
ethernet with the manual server option on the device. However, after
configuring the connection, the following frustrating sequence of
events occurs:

1. I compile and link a test "Hello, World!" program. EVC asks me to
connect to the target device again and displays the connection string,
even though I just got through configuring the device and haven't
terminated that connection on purpose. I rerun cemgrc on the device
and the connection is re-established. The program downloads.

2. I attempt to run or debug the program, and again, EVC asks me to
connect to the target device. I jump through the manual server hoop
again. The connection is re-established, and all program dependencies
are checked and verified (i.e. debug libraries, program version, etc).

3. Sometimes, the program begins execution. More often than not,
however, a dialog pops up with the text "Platform Manager cannot
create the communication streams needed by the debugger. Refer to the
online help for information about configuring Platform Manager."

O.K. PPP over a serial connection in CE 2.11 was frustrating and
unreliable, but it worked for the most part. TCP/IP over ethernet in
CE 3.0 was a blessing and has always been rock solid for me. I'm
jumping right to CE 5.0, and I have no idea why maintaining the device
connection has become impossible for Platform Manager. Having to
constantly re-establish the connection makes this an annoying,
unworkable solution.

What am I missing?