I am developing a Windows CE virtual audio driver for Bluetooth.
The problem is, Bluetooth support mono quality sound. So I am able to
play mono audio with format
SamplesPerSec - 8000
CHannels - 1

But with sterio quality sound.. what i am getting in my audio driver
Channels 2
SamplesPerSec 44100
AvgBytesPerSec 176400

That means In addition to the stereo to mono conversion I need to do a
sample rate conversion on the fly. One solution is to filter the
incoming signal and then need to pick up every n:th sample from
incong stream to form the output. is it correct.

I am getting a 87552 lenght buffer as input stream. As I am quite new
to audio drivers, and have no idea how to do the conversions. So how
do i play stereo in my mono device.

Siya Chin