Following on from the success of our PocketPC Speech Recognition
applications, NeuVoice are now pleased to announce the release of the
PocketPC Speech Recognition SDK.

The PocketPC SDK will allow developers to voice enable their Windows
CE applications with the well-respected NeuVoice PocketPC SR engine.

As many of users of our other products are aware the NeuVoice VR
engine is one of the leading speech recognition products on many
popular handheld devices. Our new SDK provides the same noise robust
solution which will respond in many different noisy environments such
as in the car or a train station or at your local sports event. The
solution is also language independent, and so can be used for speech
control in any language.

Just imagine the many possibilities that speech recognition will
provide to PDA applications! This will enable the user to control
applications from a car or from any hands free environment. The engine
has also been enhanced to allow continuous listening, so no button
presses are required to trigger recognition.

For the lasted information please visit our website

Best Regards,

NeuVoice Ltd