[First of all, I'm sorry if my english is bad: I'm not a native speaker... ]

I'm developping a web-based application that should support a set of HP iPAQ
Pocket PCs: pocket PCs intercat with my application via Internet Explorer
CE, and almost all works fine, but there is a little problem: some pages
redirect the user to a large image file that due to its size cannot be
properly rendered by the browser; I'd like to let the user to view that
images with an alternative viewer, such as "iPAQ image zone", but I don't
know how could I do.

The ideal solution is that when the user points to, e.g,
"http://my.web.application/an_image.gif" the browser automatically opens
the image viewer with that image. My first idea was to modify the
application associated with "image/gif" MIME type, but I can't find MIME
setting on Pocket PC :-(

Another solution could be to use javascript, but I don't think that the
browser let me to open an arbitrary application on the client (for security

Have you any idea?

Thanks in advance
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