I have recently purchased a PCMCIA to CF Converter for my Pocket PC.
The PPC I have is a Toshiba e740. This device lets me plug PC cards
into the PPC through the CF slot. I am trying to get a modem to work
with the device. I have tried several modems, but the one I am trying
to use is a US Robotics SP1336. It is a 33.6 modem upgraded. When I
insert the modem, my Pocket PC brings up a dialog box that says,
"Unrecognized Device." It wants me to enter a name for it. However,
I am not able to use it, even when I select us the "Hayes Compatible
modem on COM1." I have talked to USR about drivers, and they said
they do not have any, but if I found some TI ones, they might help.
So far I have not. Has anyone else run into this problem or know how
I would resolve it?