For those who like to read articles on Pocket PC:

I like to read articles on my PPC. When I find a good article on the
Internet, I save it to my PPC as a text file. Later I read it after work or
when I wait on a queue.
When I bought my Pocket PC iPaq1910, I couldn't find any good reader
software to read text files on it. The MS Pocket Word is good for writing
something, but not good for reading. It cannot open a large file. Even if
you open a small file and want to read another file, you have to save the
current file that is probably changed by PWord.
That is why I implemented Text Reader. This software lets you read a large
text file like reading a book on your Pocket PC. It can show text in
Portrait or Landscape view. No scroll bar is needed. Use the navigation
buttons to scroll pages or lines. Selection and
Find are supported. It provides the bookmark function. When you pause the
current reading and want to read another article, the bookmark will be
automatically saved for the current reading. Later when you open it again,
the last location will be displayed. You can set bookmarks on anywhere.
International users can read their languages such as Chinese or Japanese on
English version PDAs. Try this URL: to
download it.