ActiveSync Service Provider Issues:

As a first step to having of our own service provider, we developed a
File Synchronization Service Provider using the ActiveSync Service
Provider Wizard in order to test if a custom service provider could
work in the given environment. The wizard provided the default
implementation and behavior. Both service providers (device/desktop)
could be compiled and registered correctly. ActiveSync detected it as
an available service provider in the desktop side, but when the
connection with the HDT was established the provider was disabled.
Suspecting that the problem could be on the code, we debugged both
prividers by showing dialogs when specific methods were called. We
believe now that the service provider DLL on the device side is not
being called, and therefore ActiveSync is assuming that it is not
available and disables it.
As additional information, although after the first registration of
the device provider DLL the device shows that its already registered
whenever is tried to be registered again, the DLL file can not be
found (physically) on the device.

How can we solve this problem?
What else could be required to be set in the SimpleFileSync Provider
from the ActiveSync wizard, in order to be functionally working?

Please excuse our possible lack of expresivity in english. Do not
hesitate to contact us for more detailed information at
Any clue, tips, or comments will be more than apreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Elvio & Seba