The December 2003 issue of Pocket Anywhere Magazine is now available
for download, as well as new reviews for the Dell Axim have recently
been published.

What's in this month?
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1) Protecting Your Gadget With A Case
Some bags and cases are made with fashion in mind, while others are
created for functional and practical purposes. So what is the perfect
case for your laptop, PDA, iPod, GameBoy or mobile phone? The case
that combines all three elements and has a pr ...

2) Anapod Explorer for iPod
Music Match was a good solution for the time, iTunes made the process
more seamless, but the ultimate iPod experience is with Red Chair's
Anapod Explorer for Windows. Anapod Explorer is what every Windows PC
iPod user needs to own, because it adds e ...

3) iTrip for iPod
One the most valuable accessories for the iPod, outside of a case, is
Griffin Technology's iTrip. This pint-size FM transmitter has over 100
possible frequencies to find the most crystal clear signal for
streaming your iPod's tunes across the air wav ...

4) HandsHigh Software's ThoughtManager organizes homework to your
latest great idea or company project
Do you ever come up with a great idea and never get a minute to
explore it is because you either forgot the idea by the time you could
find a yellow sticky note to jot it down on, or just didn't have the
writing space? This how many disorganized and ...

5) Handmark's Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus for Palm OS
You never know when a dictionary might come in handy. This is why
Handmark's Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus for Palm OS (also available
for Pocket PC) is the perfect companion for those people who can't
always think of the right word to say, as well ...

6) Launcher X v1.1 empowers users with killer app launcher
With newer and bigger (as in memory) Palm OS devices, the one-time
simple task of organizing programs has never been more important for
user than it is today. This is because of the sheer number of
additional programs that can be installed onto the h ...

7) Championship Card Games for Windows Mobile (Pocket PC)
Playing card games is one of those great American pastimes that will
never go out of style. Children are taught them at the earliest of
ages. Usually, the first games they learn are War or Old Maid. Card
games are great for teaching basic strategy ...

8) Championship Spades for Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) and Smartphone
When I was in college, we used to pass the time in the dorms playing
all sorts of games. Chess, checkers, old board games, you name it.
This was back before video games (PC or console) were as popular as
they are today. If we wanted video games, w ...

9) Edge memory cooks up 128 or 256mb flash drive in a stylish watch
It looks like a gizmo that a secret spy would flip off their wrist and
plug into a computer while on a mission to download classified data.
Once copied to the watches 128/256MB Flash drive, the data is secured
quickly inside the watch, and goes undet ...

10) Are HP's newest iPAQ Pocket PC's worth the price of upgrading to?
Every few months it seems that new handheld devices are hitting the
market and bumping a very short-lived predecessor to the sale-rack.
However, I ponder time to time whether upgrading is even worth the
time of paying attention to what is available. ...

11) After the Holidays Gift-Guide
affordable and cool ideas to spend your Holiday cash on
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