Im'triyng to develop an application por PocketPC 2002 platform in eVB
with an ActiveX control developed in eVC 3.0 from a programmer
developed by my company (Sorry for my english... ).

I'm verified a problem on registering ActiveX controls.

For testing registering procedure, i'm build the ActiveX controls
named "Smiley", distribuited as sample application with PocketPC 2002

The build run correctly and also the registration of the control
appears to run correctly, but i'n not able to use that control in eVB.

I'm search for the control in the "references" and "components"
windows, but the control don't appear.
I'm selected the control with "browse" button, but the registration
encounter an error, "ActiveX control not appears a correct control".

I'm searching for informations for resolve my problem.

Thanks for interesting!