Dear all,

Query is regarding the installation of application on PDA that is
running Japanese Pocket PC version.


I may enter a scenario wherein we have to install PDA application into
a PDA that is running the Japanese version of Pocket PC 2003. This
would mean that we would have edited the .Inf file for CabWiz on our
English Desktop Windows before creating PDA-installable CAB files.
These files then shall be downloaded into the Japanese-OS-PDA and will
install there.

May I know if running such English-desktop-created-CAB files shall
pose any problems in running onto Japanese-OS-PDA?

Further what if my desktop is say Chinese Windows ? CabWiz may be
looking for .inf file in ASCII format only. So can I save my .inf file
in ASCII format and in English in such Chinese-desktop-Windows?
Without this, the file would be in English but would end up in
UNICODE, I guess, something which the CabWiz shall not be able to
understand then.

Making a case complicated, how do I specify say Registry names of
Japanese-PDA-OS using English strings as I write in .inf file of PDA?

Please help. All help will be of much use.
Thanks all for your valuable time.

- Kedar Agarkar