I would like to thank everyone for suggestions concerning hotkeys and keyup.
What I am using is CE .Net though if there is a solution that also works in
regular windows that would be good. I am willing to give most anything a

What I have is a program that sits in the background and waits for a
keystroke to run certain functions. One for keydown and one for keyup. The
functions talk to an external device on a serial connection, but the main
thing is that I need a method to get those keystrokes no matter what
application is on top.

The impression that I get is that Hotkey will send the keyup and keydown at
the same time if at all and that hooks do not work under CE. If anyone has a
suggestion that proves those impressions wrong or an idea how to get around
it, then I would be really greatful.

john_hill_99 at hotmail.com