I am having a problem with a Windows CE application on PocketPC
2003/2003 (iPAQ 5450 and Dell Axim) which uses TCP/IP sockets to
communicate with another server (on a LAN). The problem occurs
whether I use Wi-Fi or networking via a PC over the USB sync cable.
It also happens on both machines/OS versions.

Basically, every minute or so (but not regularly or predictably) the
WinCE device either fails to send any sort of ACK to data it has
received from the server, or alternatively sends the previous ACK
value. It gets into a state where the server keeps resending the data
that hasn't been ACKed and the PPC either keeps ignoring it or keeps
sending back the old ACK value. It usually gets back into sync again
after a couple of minutes, though there's nothing in particular I can
see that triggers it getting back in sync.

Has anyone seen this happen to them? If so, could they tell me what's
causing it and how to solve the problem?