Joe wrote:

> I used to have a Palm Pilot but found its screen too small and contact
> manager too limited. I've been thinking a about full blown tablet
> computer but would prefer to avoid the expense.. I think a pocketPC
> will annoy me with screen size.
> I want to be able to run ACT (a contact manager) for the pocket PC,
> and a spread sheet.
> So my big question is what the hell is this thing:
> Is it an overgrown Pocket PC? Its running Windows CE .Net (4.0)
> as an OS, is that the same OS that runs on a pocket PC? Will I be able
> to run all the same software on it that I could on a pocket PC?
> It doesn't seem well marketed. I can't find anything written about
> it.
> Thanks for your help.

Your guess is correct. The Moreio is basically a PDA with a large screen and
more IO options. Tablets like this were first designed for the wireless web
pad fad, but are now sold mostly to vertical market customers who program
their own custom software. Hence, the retail marketing is nearly
nonexistent. OS wise, it is a standard Windows CE.Net machine.

I looked at this machine for the same reason: I wanted a large screen, with
PDA features and a good battery life. I ultimately ended up buying and
Abocom X-Pilot, which is similar to the Moreio, but with a 10.4" screen. It
makes for an awesome ebook.