You should check if you have any *.xlk files in your harddisk immediately.
The *.xlk is the back up created by Excel.
Good Luck!

"Mauro Bizzaro" ????? om...
> Hello,
> i have the following problem with one of my pocket excel files on my

compaq ipaq:
> I have made changes in an file and I havenīt recognized
> that I deleted columns while I made these changes.
> I saved the excel file with this unwanted delete of the columns
> and now I canīt undo these unwanted changes.
> The whole thing gets worse because I havenīt synchronized
> this Excel File on Notebook before and I have no backup on
> Notebook or on my Compaq Ipaq of this file.
> I am scared that I have to do the whole work again -
> which will cost me at least a day.
> So I hope that anybody can give me a clue,
> if I have a chance to find an old version of this File
> on the compact flash card of my Compaq Ipaq and can rescue
> the unwanted deleted columns of this excel sheet.
> I am thankful for any help.
> Thanks a lot and best regards
> Mauro Bizzaro