My company has customers that are trying to access a web-based product
via these "Chip PC" devices which are internet thin clients running
Windows CE.NET on, I think, a Hitachi SuperH risc processor. The
browser it comes with, PIE, does not support Java applets. The web
product needs applet support.

I have looked around and have seen that there are some solutions out
there for some systems running some CE versions to be able to run
applets while browsing. But I have not been able to get any clarity
about whether such an option is available for this particular system
or not. Does anyone know if there's a way to install a JVM that
supports applets in PIE, or another browser that includes a JVM, on
this device?

If not, the client is stuck viewing everything through Citrix -- an
awful fate.

Thanks in advance for any knowledge you can drop in my direction.