Full time direct hire
BS or BA - CS, EE or CE

-Our client is seeking talented Developers that have experience
getting Windows CE to run on various embedded hardware platforms - The
BSP (Board Support Package) and Driver development. Our client is
building a host of next generation products designed around Windows CE
as an operating system (replacing Nucleus). The products that will be
involved include a multiple of products including touch panels,
wireless devices, and control systems. Your responsibilities will be
creating Board Support Packages and Custom Drivers that will work with
our specific hardware. This is not developing applications for Windows
CE. Our client is seeking to hire up to 3 developers immediately.

-A rare opportunity to become associated with a world technology
leader with over 4000 dealers and distributors in every country of the
world. A company so unique that for 25 years through every down turn
in the world economies this client has grown 25% on average each year
with only one year in the last 25 years growth at 10%. Our client has
never hired a contractor or consultant and has never in its history
outsourced any work to any other country. You might say this is a true
blue American Company that is more interested in a quality product
than saving dollars. Our client develops 100 new state of art hardware
and software products per year which we believe put in a unique league
FOR YOUR REVIEW. Our exclusive client is the global leader and #1 in
the world in the design, manufacture and marketing of advanced control
and automation systems. Their systems ET the world standards for
corporate communication, video conferencing facilities, educational
distance learning, resource sharing, and home automation and
entertainment. Their products are marketed worldwide through a network
of over 4000 dealers and distributors, in every country of the world,
and supported by satellite offices world wide. Our client is a people
driven company who demands challenge and for over 25 years has
constantly grown 20% to 25% per year no stop including every major
world recession including 2001, where many technology companies saw
their business cease or had major contractions in world sales. All of
their employees are empowered to be entrepreneurs. Our client seeks
the best, and they deliver the best. Our client is actively seeking
professionals with energy and spirit in all their worldwide offices.
If you qualify our client can offer you a very competitive
compensation package and a priceless career path. Our client in the
last 30 years has never had a reduction in force (layoff). Our client
does not hire contractors or consultants. They don't outsource work to
China, India, Latvia or third world countries. Our client is totally
committed to having their operations located in Northern New Jersey.
In March 2007 they will complete a new 90,000 sq ft state of art
technology center located Minutes from the Tappan Zee and George
Washington Bridges. Our client is a major employer employing 1000
technology professionals in their corporate headquarters in North
Jersey. Due to constant growth they will be hiring 100 new technology
professionals in 2007.

Please email MS Word resume to Paulak@eastaffing.com or call 877