Hi everyone,

I am installing websphere portal server 6.0 on windows xp mescine. First i installed from W-1(Portal software) websphere application server and profiles(dmgr,appserver) those are installed running fine. After that i stooped those servers. I started Portal server installation at the time of installation i selected websphere application server existing installation. After few steps installation i got this error:

EJPIC0218E: the portal archive install failed
refer to the log file c:--\Portalserver\log\LocalizeTrace.archive5.log for additional details
The portal installation program is exiting

I seen the log written these contents:

Tue Sep 07 14:59:32 IST 2010
Trying to override old definition of task property

Tue Sep 07 14:59:33 IST 2010
[logmsg] 2010.09.07 14:59:33.422 setup-was
[logmsg] EJPCA3100I: Configuration task "Consolidated WebSphere Application Server Configuration for WebSphere Portal" in progress

Trying to override old definition of task property

Tue Sep 07 14:59:34 IST 2010
[logmsg] 2010.09.07 14:59:34.406 action-config-portal-dev
[logmsg] EJPCA3177I: WPS configuration for developer install using wmm finished

Trying to override old definition of task property

Tue Sep 07 14:59:35 IST 2010
[wsadmin] WASX7023E: Error creating "SOAP" connection to host "localhost"; exception information: com.ibm.websphere.management.exception.ConnectorNo tAvailableException: com.ibm.websphere.management.exception.ConnectorNo tAvailableException: Failed to get a connection with IP address associated with hostname localhost
[wsadmin] WASX7213I: This scripting client is not connected to a server process; please refer to the log file C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\Dmgr01\logs \wsadmin.traceout for additional information.
[wsadmin] WASX8011W: AdminTask object is not available.
[wsadmin] WASX7303I: The following options are passed to the scripting environment and are available as argument that is stored in the argv variable: "[C:/PROGRA~1/IBM/WEBSPH~1/PORTAL~1]"

[wsadmin] FlagBasicConfig: 'false'
[wsadmin] FlagIsIseries: 'false'
[wsadmin] FlagIsZos: 'false'
[wsadmin] FlagIsSecondNode: 'false'
[wsadmin] FlagSkipNoneFoundation: 'false'
[wsadmin] FlagSkipWTP: 'true'
[wsadmin] FlagSkipCM: 'false'

[wsadmin] lvl1============================================== =====================
[wsadmin] Create Portal Server.
[wsadmin] Entering script: C:/PROGRA~1/IBM/WEBSPH~1/PORTAL~1/config/gather/was/fixup_server_cfg.jacl

[wsadmin] -------------------------------------------------------------------
[wsadmin] Create Server WPS.
[wsadmin] Using profile: C:/PROGRA~1/IBM/WEBSPH~1/PORTAL~1/config/gather/was/wp_ProfileServerWps.jacl
[wsadmin] Entering script: C:/PROGRA~1/IBM/WEBSPH~1/PORTAL~1/config/gather/was/ServerCreate.jacl

[wsadmin] NodeName: 'portal-hostCellManager01'
[wsadmin] ServerName: 'WebSphere_Portal'
[wsadmin] FlagIsIseries 'false'
[wsadmin] OsArch: 'x86'
[wsadmin] WASX7017E: Exception received while running file "C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere\PortalServer/config/gather/was/fixup_was_cfg.jacl"; exception information: com.ibm.ws.scripting.ScriptingException: WASX7070E: The configuration service is not available.

file:../config/includes/fixup_was_cfg.xml:177: Java returned: 105

Total time: 1 minute 16 seconds

Please help me , many thanks in advance