hi all

i m trying to customize a store in websphere commerce i m new in jsp and websphere commerce so maybe this question is amateurish question but i can not figured out. i m trying to update a product in the product display page with ajax. i wrote a jquery code which is calling the ajaxpage with post method but i can't reach productDataBean. i ve discuss this problem with a friend of mine who has more jsp experience than me. he told me that when i used
< wcbase:useBean id="product" classname="com.ibm.commerce.catalog.beans.ProductDataBean" scope="request" / >
code on my ajaxpage i could use this databean with the id (product) but problem is when i add this part into my ajaxpage whenever i call the ajaxpage it returns me an object not found exception when i remove it i have no exceptions. how can i get the product databean from product display page in my ajaxfile