I'm a master student at Montreal University and during my research i
need to implement an API from a given wsdl.
Well, i explain the problem : I have a database implemented with
Mysql and I have a given wsdl file which contain many services (90%
are getters and setters).
I need to implement a java API of the services described in my wsdl
file and it shoulld be related to my database. for example :
when i call the getAbstractionDefID() service it should connect to the
database and return the ID from the abstractionDefID ...

Someone tell me to use wsdl2java to generate java API from wsdl file
and ORM tools like hibernate to generate DB schema java code and then
by just implementing a mapping layer it should be ok.
I generated already the java code from wsdl but i didn't see how can i
use it?

Any idea will be apreciated.

Thanks a lot !