I wanna try to define for myself a JNDI name for my EJB application.
I'm using the XDoclet to generate my cod. and when i try to access my EJB using the JNDI_NAME, like that--> JNDI_NAME="ejb/MySample" ... ctx.lookup(JNDI_NAME) ... it doesnt work.
When i saw the AppServer's log i discovered that the WAS auto-setting another name, like MySampleHome, for my JNDI.

I DONT WANNA it, I WANNA setting my JNDI name for myself, then how can I do this? Is there any .xml that i can configure for it?

On WASCE, i edited the openejb-jar.xml putting the code:

HTML Code:
and it works very well, but for WAS i dont know where i can configure it.

Can u help me?