I'm currently having an issue with personalization rules inside of a virtual portal. I have a set of personalization rules that I know are working as I can test them inside of a public Personalization Picker/Editor page with users and see the expected results. These rules work fine both on a public page inside of my virtual portal and outside of it. If I apply these rules to pages OUTSIDE of my virtual portal, the pages are hidden/shown correctly for any of the users in the portal.

The problem occurs when I apply the rules to pages inside of the virtual portal. For whatever reason, when applied to pages within the virtual portal, the rules never seem to trigger. I have tried turning trace up on personalization and I cannot see any trace for these rules meaning they aren't even firing. Like I said before these rules work fine when tested through the Personalization Editor inside of the virtual portal, but as soon as the rules are applied to pages, they simply don't do anything. I've even tried applying a simple rule such as alwaysHidden to the pages inside of the virtual portal and even that isn't triggering.

Has anyone seen this behaviour before and can perhaps share any reasons why this might be happening?