We currently have a solution set up to an external company's servers
to access their website, We have this set up going through two Webseal
Junctions on our end, one internal and one a DMZ Junction. This is all
set up and we are connecting to the external site fine via ssl.
The issue we are getting is that for some links on the site we are
getting doubled up junctions which is giving is an error.
https://nz.server.com/dmzsa/jnc1/dmz...1/Invoice.aspx..... etc

Other links on the page work fine.

I believe the external site is using referrer information in the
header for the links in question, which we cannot change.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how we can get these links
returned with only one set of junctions in the url, or has had a
similar problem?

How can we stop the backend server or the junctions from adding too
many junctions to the link. Or is there a trick to remove one set of
junctions from the url. I have tried playing around with the Junction
Mapping Table but this seems to add even more replications of the same

Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all