I have a requirement to show WCM content based on a user's LDAP attribute. I got this part working fine. The problem is, I also have a requirement to have multiple instances of the WCM local rendering portlet using these rules, each pointing to a different site area -or- different content based on category.

The WCM menu component can use site areas and categories passed to it from the rendering portlet but the personalization component cannot. I thought I could get around this by making copies of the rendering portlet, adding parameters to each portlet in config mode and then have the rule select the category or site areas based on those parameters at run time. I was able to get this working in the Personalization Editor portlet by adding params to its config and testing the rule(s). I added the same parameter names to the 'Portlet Attributes' by clicking 'Manage Properties' and adding them there. A sample rule looks something like this...

Select Web Content
whose Location is /samplesite/sampleSiteArea and
whose Category is exactly current Portlet Attributes.DBOARD_NEWS_TOPIC

This works when I preview it in the Personalization Editor preview but not when I run it from a copy of the local rending protlet with the same parameters set in the config. I see the following error...

0000012d CmQueryCallba W com.ibm.websphere.query.callbacks.CmQueryCallback buildCategoryCondition Category value '' does not match any category resource in repository.

Basically, I'm trying to avoid having to create numerous WCM personalization components pointing to nearly 100 rules, each of which is only different by choosing different site ares or categories. Any help would be appreciated.