I'm following the Infocenter instructions on [Modifying database properties|http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infoce..._sql2005.html], to transfer a new Portal 6.1 install from Cloudscape/Derby to SQL2005. But the instructions on setting the various DbHome values are completely ambiguous. From the wkplc_comp.properties file:

# ** For SQLServer this is the location locally to store the database files
# **NOTE** SQLServer Windows Only: This path must use \\ instead of /
# **NOTE** SQLServer Only: in the path below may or may not be there in your installation.
# SQLServer: { C:\\Microsoft SQL Server\\ \\MSSQL }

The instructions make no indication whether these are required only if SQL2005 is installed locally; but since SQL2005 is required to be installed on a different server ("You must install SQL Server separately from WebSphere Portal"), why are these settings even needed?