I am facing a weired problem in my jsr 168 struts portlet. In my jsp i have a form tag like . At runtime action is replacing with junck character string i.e runtime url for the action which is generated by WPS. If i submit the page the same page is getting refreshed insteadof going to action. After refreshing the page if i click the submit button it is working fine. We check the view source of rendered page and found the different urls for action. Next time onwards in same browser page is getting submitted properly. If i go for new window again first time page submit is not working.

JSP file :


Runtime :
First time when i access: (on click of submit same page is getting refreshed, instead of going to action)

After refreshing the same page: (on click of submit going to action and working properly.)

Environment: Wps 6.1/ AIX /JSR 168 struts portlet

Why url are generating like this? I am not able to find out the solution for this and i would like to know how portal server will generate the URL for action.

Anyone please help me on this problem. Thank you very much for spending your valuable time for me.

Thanks & regards,
Suresh Varma.