I am facing a problem in wps6.1 when the user login from a portal page (where he was alreddy in the anonymous mode).As the default behaviour , the portal provides the Login page and after the login the user is provided with the same page ( Where he was in the anonymous mode).

The problen is that:
We have configured/using TAI and the cookies set by the TAI is not reflected in the current request( The request which renders the portal page - where he was in the anonymous mode) , we do use these cookies in the portlets while interacting with the Webservices.But , once the response reaches the browser (and the cookies are set in the browser) the cookies are available in the subsequient requests.

The same was working in WPS5.1,is there any major difference in the way the authentication is carried out in WPS5.1 and WPS6.1 ( any things in terms of redirects etc).

Thanks in Advance