I seem to be having the same or a very similar problem as on thsi existing thread when starting the Websphere Portal Server, which runs on top of WAS, I understand.

After exectuing startServer.bat, I see one java process launch (I presume that this is the WAS process) that grows to about 50Mb of memory, then it launches a second java process (I presume this is the Portal server itself). This process steadily grows to around 600Mb and then crashes with a "java.exe - Application Error : The instruction at xxxxxxxx reference memory at xxxxxxxx. The memory could not be cannot be read".

The second java process then terminates so the Portal server isn't actually started and I can't open a connetion to it in a browser, even though the console for the batch file I run says it has launched successfully.

Occassionally (if I'm lucky) the process does run to completion, taking up about 650+Mb and I am able to use the server, so I do not thnk that it is a fundamental installation problem but some kind of intermittent memory management issue.

This problem only occurs on my office laptop, which has its maximum 2Gb of RAM ... I've installed the Portal on my home PC which has 3GB RAM and it works fine every time.

Did this earlier thread actually get resolved, if so what was the solution, or does anyone have any ideas for solving my problem?