Hi all,

I've implemented a login JSF-Portlet for WebSphere Portal. Although the login process works just fine, I've got a problem with the action method of the backing bean, which does the login.

The Problem is as follows:

1. I enter the login data for the first time into the portlet and click on submit
2. The page reloads, but nothing else happens (no errors and I'm not logged in).
3. I reload the page and the previously posted data is sent again to the server
4. Page reloads and now I am logged in.

If in step 3. I enter my login data again, instead of just reloading, the login also works fine.

After logging out, the same problem occures again.

I've done some debugging output, and it tells me, that between step 1. and step 3. the backing bean is constructed only after the action phase of the portlet is complete.
Between step 3. and step 4. the backing bean is constructed inside the action phase of the portlet (where it belongs). But why doesn't it work every first time I enter my login data?

Is this a JSF or a WebSphere Portal problem? Can anyone help?

Greetings Andy