I have installed filenet portlets to Portal 6.0.3 following the instructions in installation document. Currently I'm getting this error while using it

com.filenet.api.exception.EngineRuntimeException;U nable to use the specified connection to communicate with the server Class=com.filenet.apiimpl.core.ConnectionImpl URI=iiop:// Parameters={CONNECTION_PARTICIPATES_IN_TRANSACTION =false}. [Code=null]; OMFC/TheNetwork/NoOp//API_UNABLE_TO_USE_CONNECTION

However I'm sure that iiop:// is the correct address as I'm using it from other modules to interact with filenet programmatically. And if I specified a wrong address I get another exception other than this, so this address is correct but the portlet can't use it I don't know why

did anyone experience this problem before ??