Hi All,

I have a requirement where i need to access the Portal Page Browser
URL and then i need to parse it.
I am using WebSphere Portal 6.1 and RAD 7.5 using JSR 286.

So using jsr 286 specifications how can i read the portal browser url.

To make the requirement more clear, we have an url which comes from
Legacy (outside the portal environment) and opens the portal page, so
the url comes into portal environment has an id appended to it.

as an example the url looks something like this:


so based on the appended 100034 value my portal page displays the
content (portlet content).

[---Is there any possibility that the legacy url coming in executes
the portal Action, as far as i know when the url comes in the page
will be in render phase rite?----]

As of now i have only this requirement with me, i hope i make you guys
understand what is the requirement.

It would be great favour if some one answer me the question.
Also if some body has the similar example, please post here.