Hi all,
We have a problem with peoplefinder jsr 168 portlet.
Originally we could not see the photo component in any view. We have three different places where you see a persons photo. They are the profile view, organization view and business card popup.
We tracked down a fix patch no PK82818 which worked for the Profile View and the Organization view. However the business card still did not show the photo.
When you do a search and the results come back and you use the mouse to hover over the person you want the information on, a small popup says "Click for Person Card"
Apon clicking on this the person card pops up. However the photo does not work. It just says the name of the person and "photo" with the ie broken link image.
After doing some investigation of the code I realized that the business card code actually comes from outside the portlet.

The Business card popup calls a template in the Live Object Framework.(portalServer/ui/wp.tagging.liveobject) I tracked it down to a jsp called BusinessCard1.jsp. With some debugging I discoved that the jpeg is indeed coming through, but in a giant hexadecimal string, and the html image tag does not see it as a jpeg and just displays a broken link.
The images are stored as binary in LDAP and the field is called "jpegPhoto" in peoplefinder and of type "image", so I think it is correctly configured in the portlet. Especially since the other views work.
I'm guessing there's a setting somewhere where this field is set to "String", and should be changed to something else such as binary or photo or something. But I can't find anything in the Peoplefinder portlet of in the live obejct framework that looks wrong.
If any one can shed some light on this issue I would greatly appreciate it.