Hi there.

I'm using *IBM Websphere MQ (remote machine)* to put XML responses in a *queue (Q1)* which I have configured
in WAS v6.1.0.17 (QueueConnectionFactory, Queue, Message Listener port, etc.). That's all done successfully.

Next, I have a *MessageDrivenBean* class that's listening to what's being put into that *Q1*. Now, I take that message
& put in *another queue (Q2)* that processes that request & there's *another queue (Q3)* that is supposed to give me
the response.

The problem is that when I try to do "responseMessage = *consumer.receive(5000)*", *Q3* returns the response of the
*PREVIOUS* request that was put into that *remote Q1*.

Do you have a clue??? Hoping you do...