Good Day.

I have a client application which interacts with EJB application deployed on WebSphere 6.1 via SSL.

I specify SAS preferences in properties file and specify client SSL options in properties file. I specify this configuration files to ORB using system properties


I detect that ORB (or may be JSSE implementation which ORB uses) cached client key which I specify in with property


For example, I do first SSL connection to the server. Then I can delete client keystore file which I specify in ** propertie, but new SSL connections will be successfully creates.

In my application I need to change client key store in runtime subject to user which working with application. But I can't do this because key which used in first SSL connection will be use for all next connections.

Could you tell me please, how can I reconfigure ORB in runtime to use another key than I specify in in ** property ?

In other words, I need to change (reset) client key in runtime depending on currently working with application user.