I have a piece of code that performs certain logic if a specific Name space binding is found and certain other logic if a specific Name Space binding is not found. Every time the Name space binding is not found, a NameNotFoundException is logged to the Application Server's exception.log.

I have tried playing around with trace and log levels, but the exception is still logged. I understand that it is an exception, but I am confused as to why "Websphere" would deem it important to log such an exception. Should a Name Space lookup not be something the application deals with (by catching the exception and doing what it needs to). What is the reason for the exception being logged in the exceptions log by Websphere?

Is there any way of not logging this exception?

I am just curious as to the reasoning behind this because its almost as if a "Record Not Found" is being logged as an exception whereas I would think the Application logic should deal with an exception of this nature.

Any help would be appreciated.