Hi everybody,

I have several custom MBeans. They are registered using AdminServiceFactory.getMBeanFactory().getMBeanServ er().registerMBean(mbean, objectName) in a clustered environment of application A.

A second application B uses AdminClientFactory and AdminClient to access these MBeans. Connection goes through the SOAP-Connector with username and password (and a SSL-secured network-connection; default port 8879). Application B sees my MBeans an it is able to invoke getAttribute() and setAttribute()-Operations.
So far, so good, but Application B is not able to invoke operations on these MBeans, I receive a NullPointerException.

If I access these MBeans directly via the applicationserver (using its own SOAP-port; same AdminClientFactory/AdminClient-code), I'm able to invoke methods.

Again, invokation of methods of custom MBeans fails with NullPointerException, if I access MBeans through deploment-manager!

Is this a WebSphere-Bug or is it the expected behavoir? Or is there a special way to register MBeans, that they will be fully available through the deployment-manager?

Thanks for help.