About 5 years ago on this forum there were a flood of queries about how to get rid of the message *SRVE0255E: A WebGroup/Virtual Host to handle /favicon.ico has not been defined*. At that time it was stated, correctly, that it was a Firefox-only issue, and it could be made to go away by putting a favicon in the web root, but there was no solution for those who are not using a Web Server, for example developers using RAD (like me). Even if you do have a web server when deployed in production, if the production folks don't want to put in a favicon (for whatever reason), then you are stuck with tens of thousands of this message in your app server logs, and your logs fill up that much more quickly, and all for what?

Now, to add to the mess, IE8 causes the same message. This message now accounts for about 25% of my log and it has become very hard to see patterns in the log when this message occurs every two or three lines. I simply do not need to be told this information for EVERY SINGLE PAGE loaded by my application.

Please can someone explain why it is necessary to log this message for every page, and then tell me how to suppress it in the non-web-server environment.

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