Thanks Thomas for your reply... it helped me.

For future reference for this problem, below here is the solution which I have got and may be implementing in my application.

While deploying war.. you can mention about mapping using following syntax.. (copying this content from Infocenter.. also giving the link of the same.)

Hope this would help someone..

Gaurav Daga

Maps users to roles. You must map each role defined in the application or module to a user or group from the domain user registry. You can specify multiple users or groups for a single role by separating them with a |. Use this option to provide missing data or update to a task.
Example usage:

Using Jacl:

$AdminApp install c:/myapp.ear {-MapRolesToUsers {{"" No Yes "" ""}
{"Every Role" Yes No "" ""} {DenyAllRole No No user1 group1}}}
Using Jython:

AdminApp.install('c:/myapp.ear', '[-MapRolesToUsers [["All Role" No Yes "" ""]
["Every Role" Yes No "" ""] [DenyAllRole No No user1 group1]]]')
where {{"All Role" No Yes "" ""} corresponds to the following:

"All Role" is the role name
No indicates to allow access to everyone (yes/no)
Yes indicates to allow access to all authenticated users (yes/no)
"" indicates the mapped users
"" indicates the mapped groups

Use the taskInfo command of the AdminApp object to obtain information about the data needed for your application. You only need to provide data for rows or entries that are missing information, or those where you want to update the existing data.