Hello all,

I am developing an SMS application for PDA with Windows Mobile OS and the application is to be run within IBM J9 Personal Profile 1.1. I have put application jar at \J9\PPRO11\examples\SMS.jar. I used the following code for sending SMS.

String addr = "sms://+919999999999";
MessageConnection conn = (MessageConnection)Connector.open(addr);
TextMessage msg = (TextMessage)conn.newMessage(MessageConnection.TEX T_MESSAGE);
catch (Exception exception)

I have placed libray files wma11.jar and cldcapi11.jar at \J9\PPRO11\lib\jclFoundation11\ext and link file goes like this.

255#"\J9\PPRO11\bin\j9w.exe" "-tofile:\Logs\error.log" "-jclpro11" "-cp" "\J9\PPRO11\examples\SMS.jar" "org.Main"

On execution I am getting an error like this.

exception=javax.microedition.io.ConnectionNotFound Exception: Scheme not found: sms

What could be wrong? The forum at
We have problem with sms sending
says that sms protocol isn't supported by default. How can I get or develop a handler class for sms connection. Anybody please help.