I have a unique problem in RAD7 (WAS 6.1.1). We have two same applications but different versions, running on the same server(deployed two ear's). When a user logs in both the application simultaneously and tries some action, the functionality(ies) of older version and newer versions are combined and it behaves randomly. Is it something to do with a single JVM using a common object pool for both application versions or...

I am befuddled..Help

Thanks and regards, dj

On a side not :
Both the apps are same but differ in version with some additional functions in the newer one. They both use same server resources so may be it is that , the objects versioning doesnt happen or is not possible for the 2 different apps to pick up accordingly. i.e. java objects will have same names , dbAccessTab1 will have two copies sitting in the JVM ? is it even possible. If it is, may be JVM Heap storing these will not do selective decision as to which one to pick for a request coming from app1 or app2.... The context are defined different for both, so that part is fine I guess.