I am a newbie attempting to install WAS v6.1 (32bit Base) on AIX (oslevel 6100-03). I 'failed' the prereq check (which the documentation says might happen).
I followed the step by step instructions,
set 'umask 022'
use correct JDK './install -is:javahome opt/JDK/jre.pak/repository/package.java.jre/java/jre'

There is plenty of disk space, and I have an acceptable Mozilla browser (1.7.13)
I have killed java, and rebooted to no avail. I am installing remotely, with the display exported to my XP laptop running (Xming)

I have attempted to install, and directories for /usr/IBM/WebSphere are created, however the contents are missing subdirectories like /bin, /logs, /configuration etc.

I have an installation that I can compare to, and I know there are a lot of things missing. After doing a manual uninstall, using the procedures from documentation I am back at the beginning. I have been trying this for a week.

I may have a second problem regarding the launchpad. I could not install via the launchpad.sh method and had to rely on the ./install from the WAS directory directly.
This may or may not be a problem but being a newbie at WAS and AIX I wanted as much GUI as I could get.

I did notice in my /tmp directory I have gathered a bunch of folders
/IBM_LaunchPad_581566 etc...
I think these are all the failed attempts at launching the 'LaunchPad.sh'

Should these be removed as well?