I would like to implement a basket system (almost like an e-commerce
the user should be able to select one or many portlets, choose "add to
basket" action and the generated content of the selected portlet
should be put in the portal session.

The basket portlet should list the selected portlets, and should be
able to export their content to an external application.

So I have some question to find some ways to implement that tool:

- what is the best way to get the generated content of a portlet? My
idea was to put some begin/end tags in portlet's JSP, and use a
Javascript library (like this one for example: http://directwebremoting.org/dwr)
to get the generated HTML between the tags and put them in a Java
object in the Portal session). But I would like to find a solution
which does not require specific development for each portlet. Any

- I think the palette portlet is almost a basket portlet, as it is on
all Portal pages, and display a portlets list. Is it possible to get
the code of this portlet to customize it? Or is it a special WS Portal
component which is not accessible to developpers?

Any advice, idea or document should be very helpful.

Thank you !