We have a JSR 168 porltet which we've recently upgraded to JSR 286
portlet specification. This portlet has some preferences. Users can
change the portlet preferences and save them. These preferences should
be user specific. This functionality was working fine in JSR 168.

But after upgrading to the JSR 286, this functionality is broken. The
preferences stored by one user are shared for all the users.

Changes made during the upgrade of JSR 168 to JSR 286
1) upgraded the portlet to JSR 286 specifications
2) The Edit View is now changed to be rendered over the AJAX through
the 'serveResource' method. In essense the edit view is rendered and
the preferences are saved while the portlet is still in VIEW mode now.

I came across the link which exactly gives the problem I am facing:
http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docvie...id=swg1PK30573 but
this is on JSR 168.

Please suggest how I can resolve the issue while still rendering and
saving the preferences through AJAX.