Error Data =

Snapshot of producer program
----Desired mode to run this sample application [simple]:
Enter connection type [wpm]:
Enter provider endpoints [localhost:7276:BootstrapBasicMessaging]:
Enter target transport chain [InboundBasicMessaging]:
Enter bus name (mandatory):
- A value must be specified for this option

Enter bus name (mandatory): dpsv02sib
Enter destination URI [topic://xms/test]:
Your message (optional):
Connection Factory created.
Connection created.
Session created.
Destination created: topic://xms/test.
Producer created.

------------------ Message 1 sent ------------------

Delivery Mode: 1
Expiration: 0
Priority: 4
MessageID: ID:609b6e97a8ea5c0a010a78b3584d5367000000000000000 0
Timestamp: 1251819419505
Destination: topic://xms/test
Redelivered: False
MyIntProperty: 2005
MyStringProperty:My Year Of Birth
[This is message 1 in this sample run] Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon that thou her maid art far more fair than she.Her vestal livery is but sick and green.