Recently we started encounter a problem publishing EAR(contains WAR and EJB) to a remote WAS on AIX. Just slow, several minutes per step, total 20~30 minutes. After publishing, the app runs just fine. Publishing the same EAR on local Windows is quick, like 1 minute in total. Publishing the same EAR to the remote WAS mentioned above used to be as fast as publishing it locally on Windows. We recently started publishing EAR to remote WAS through RAD instead of the server admin console; Does this cause the problem? We changed back to use the server admin console to publish, still the same.

Also, if I publish another EAR (contains only EJB) to this remote WAS, it is still quick through either RAD or the server admin console. So, what configuration in the first EAR or the WAR contained in the EAR could cause this problem?


By the way, we use RAD 7.5.3 and WAS