I have installed a WP v5.1 server with fix pack When I create a Websphere Portal v5.1 Test environment server in RAD, it has a wrong portal administrator password configured (by default).
I checked PortalAdminId and PortalAdminPwd keys inside wpsconfig.properties inside /config , which are
PortalAdminId=uid=wpsadmin,o=default organization

RAD, I get default PORTAL admin password as "wpsadmin" [which I expect should be "password"].
I then reconfigure "PortalAdminPwd" value as "password" using RAD's "Portal" tab- under "Server configuration".

I want RAD to pick up correct default values for "PortalAdminPwd". Please let me know how to do this.
My wpconfig.properties has been attached with this post.

Thank you in advance.