I have installed RAD 7.5 and WebSphere portal server 6.1 and app server 6.1. When I import my existing spring portlet project from RAD 6.0 to RAD 7.5. I am getting few errors like
JSP Error
1. renderRequest cannot be resolved.
2. The type org.apache.commons.logging.Log cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files
3.The portlet mode VIEW must have an associated initial page specified in the parameter com.ibm.faces.portlet.page.VIEW. portlet.xml
4. CHKJ2802E: class au.com.westpac.io.cc.cas.service.ejb.CASServiceWra pperBean, or one of its supertypes, cannot be reflected. Check the classpath. ejb-jar.xml

Please any body help
Rajveer Singh