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I got this for Christmas this year and was very excited as I have the smaller version and it has been a great tool for years. I began using it right away and have used it every day with a noticable improvement in arm definition. Unfortunately when I picked it up today and pressed the button on the end to get it started it made a terrible rattling sound and failed to spin up properly. It appears that the rubber wheel on the little motor that spins the gyro up to speed has shifted and is no longer contacting the inner surface properly. I have contacted the company for service/replacement. I will revise my rating depending on the service I get. Stay Tuned!*Update*Well I called the company and they seemed more interested in not being responsible for the repair then being helpful with the return/information relating to the problem. I'm guessing this design is not working so well for them as they are apparently making a new version that is manual start (like the smaller hand version). I'm guessing that the little electric start up motor/mounting is not up to the vibrations this creates during use. I'm plan to wait till the new version comes out and getting on of those.
The patented DynaMax Pro Trainer is ergonomically designed to maximize core resistance and to increase upper body strength through isometric exercise. The Pro Trainer gyro creates over 220lbs of resistance at around 8,000 RPM. The Pro Trainer was designed for Military Forces, SWAT, Police Depts., Fire Depts., and professional sports teams.
Smaller and lighter than the DynaMax Core Trainer, the DynaMax Pro offers the same high-end functionality but for a more affordable price. The DynaMax Pro is designed with the same principles in mind as the company's handheld gyros, but with a focus on working your core and upper body through resistance and isometrics, rather than just your arms and elbows. The gyro is distinguished by a built-in starter and LED lights that get brighter as the speed increases. More importantly, the DynaMax Pro generates roughly 178 pounds of resistance and a top speed of 6,000 rpm, helping the user maintain balance, speed, and endurance--all essential for core training. The DynaMax Pro Trainer is made of machine-molded, high-strength plastic, which provides a super-strong housing while lessening the cost per unit. The material translates to a very affordable yet cutting-edge training device. Each unit is also inspected and tested by the company's expert craftsmen, who take pride in knowing that each Pro Trainer is the most effective and unique training tool available. Other features include a built-in starter, foam rubber grips, and an instructional training DVD. The DynaMax Pro requires two AA batteries (not included).


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